Cancer daily horoscope december 9

Sat Dec Celebrity Crabs Everything that was wrong with yesterday rights itself today. Even your self confidence gets a much needed boost, as the Moon makes its way through Capricorn.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Not only do you know that you're a great person, but for once everybody agrees with you! You might as well save some time by skipping those daily affirmations - your actions definitely speak for themselves at the moment. You're conscious, in tune with the Universe and happy to be alive. Spend some time celebrating your zest for life tonight. Auspicious colors are green and red. Lucky numbers are 5 and Sun Dec Happy Face There's a certain charm in creating a system and sticking with it, as Venus dives into your house of work.

Habit and tradition are comforting factors and give you a feeling of security. Nurture has a tendency to triumph over nature when you're facing something new or different. An office romance may be on your agenda. Beautifying the work place is high on the list. Problems you encounter today are just temporary and the less fuss you make, the sooner they'll go away.

Lucky colors are forest green and autumn gold. Let everyone else rush around trying to accomplish last minute tasks, but you've made a vow to yourself to stay put.

Your lookahead horoscope: December 9

As the Moon spends another day in Aquarius, you're in no hurry for the next few days. If impatient friends can't be bothered with your dallying, let them go on without you. Favorable colors are cherry red and salmon pink. Lucky numbers are 4 and Luckily, the forces of right and reason surround you now, silencing the irrational thoughts you've been dealing with lately.

You don't always have to be right. Dominant Crabs are often tempered by their partners. It's necessary to understand other points of view, even if you have no intentions of adopting them. Fortunate colors are cerise and charcoal grey. Wed Dec Heads Turn People of all ages and both sexes can't help but gaze in your direction as you pass them by today. Most Crustaceans love being the center of attention, and right now this is a positive thing.

Heads will turn, but gossip is rife and there are some around you who are envious. There's no need to try to mold yourself into someone else's idea of what you should be. Put on your own spectacular show by decorating your shell and being yourself. Good colors are chocolate brown and apricot. Lucky numbers are 25 and Thu Dec Dazzling When you're a painter of sweeping murals, the big picture is all that matters.

As far as some of you're concerned, the details are there for other people to worry about, not you. You'll prefer a symphony of people to a solo performance. Tonight you can look a million bucks without spending that much. It's all about attitude, and you have enough to make others believe whatever you want them to! Favorable colors are peach and sea green.

Lucky numbers are 8 and Fri Dec The Solstice The next four weeks will place a delightful emphasis on your relationships. A wonderful encounter with someone special is in the wind, and there's even a chance you could embark on a new partnership. This is a time for teamwork rather than going it alone, even if it's only a temporary measure. Favorable colors are russet brown and golden ivory. Lucky numbers are 7 and Whether you're between projects or physically depleted, a day of doing as little as possible is exactly what the doctor ordered. It's nice to feel needed, but the world can do without you for a little while.

Treat yourself to something that you normally wouldn't splurge on. Instead of cooking dinner, order in. A good movie or book is all you really need to complete a restful evening. Favorable colors are electric blue and lime green.

Daily Horoscope December 8, 2016: Cancer

Sun Dec Caring Crabs Instead of retreating into your own little world, get out there and spread the love and joy to all those around you. Be sure to pay close attention to the things that make others truly happy -- often it can be the simplest of things. Cancer is the most caring sign in the Zodiac and you'll be in your element at the moment.

You don't need to go overboard, though, and pick up everyone else's tab! Favorable colors are charcoal and silver. Lucky numbers are 35 and You're eager to contribute as always, but it's better to wait until you're asked first. Stick with things as long as you can, but walk away if you become unhappy. The most important thing isn't that you didn't succeed, but that you tried. Harmonious colors are amethyst and citrine.

Tue Dec Merry Christmas! Cancerians generally understand things better than the other signs and are very compassionate. Even if you are feeling rather overwhelmed by it all, change is waiting to enter and redecorate your life. You live for home and family, and today is always very special to the Crab. Open the door and let love and people flow into your home. Fortunate colors are avocado and light brown.

Wed Dec Adventurous Crabs This is your chance to really do something because the Gemini Moon indicates that the follower can turn into a leader if the mood suits you. The only voices that you heed right now are those of ambition and adventure, and the only companions that you need are those who will gladly accompany you. Don't be afraid to cast off any baggage.

Cancer Horoscope Today -

Balanced colors are grapefruit and tangerine. Thu Dec Breaking Out Even though you crave security, you're sick of staying within boundaries that have been set by others and later today many Crabs will be breaking out of their shells. Don't be afraid to take chances: emotional gambles yield a far better return than you ever expected. It's time to think big and your goal for today is to create an environment in which everyone can thrive, and be treated fairly.

Ideal colors are pink champagne and lilac. Lucky numbers are 13 and Fri Dec Full Moon Today is your very own Full Moon for the year, but just because you think you know what's going on doesn't mean that you should act on it. Your emotions are running high, but this isn't a good time to get carried away.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Appearances are everything for the next day or two. You can still look your best, even if you don't feel that way. Advantageous colors are blood red and silver. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

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Sat Dec Shifting Sands Today Cancerians prove the theory 'the only thing that stays the same is change'. You are ruled by the Moon, which accounts for your moods and fluctuating emotions. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride, and make the most of the gorgeous cosmic glow that surrounds you! Beneficial colors are apricot and autumn brown. Lucky numbers are 12 and Try not to get into discussions about sex or politics, as they are likely to become arguments.

Find a balance between giving and receiving in your life.

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  • One of the best ways to do this is through a loving relationship, but beware: the Sun and Pluto in your 7th house could set up passion, or a power struggle, or both. Passionate colors are crimson and purple sage. Mon Dec New Year's Eve It's time to review the events of the past year and make resolutions that are realistic. A Leo Moon should bring good times into your life, if only for a few days.

    Though before you make any decisions, consider if this relationship is worth the energy you're giving it right now.

    Cancer Tomorrow

    If not, move on. If you find yourself upset today because you feel your partner isn't following your lead when it comes to something you want or potential partners don't stack up to you or what you want either, today's the day to fix what's broken. Hint: it's not about forcing someone to do what you want. You could feel like an obligation at work or a dead-end job is keeping you from doing something that you really want to do. Though instead of getting angry about it and spending another day complaining, consider this your impetus to turn your passion into an enterprise.

    Make a way. Under-appreciated might be the word that describes how you might feel today but instead of living from the outside in; measuring yourself up against others and letting the world show you how you should feel about you, it's time to pull inward and find your center. Take back your power. Instead of rehashing the past or obsessing over what he or she said, wouldn't it be better to sit down and talk to your partner? Whether this is a personal or professional relationship, you won't get past this hurdle if you can't talk to each other. Say what's been on your heart.

    You may find yourself upset with a situation at work today or while doing something you regularly do, though the anger you feel could be pulling your attention to a deeper reason. You have to start being more savvy about what you give your time and resources to; save something for yourself.

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    • You might have a bit of a false start today as you may feel like something you're gunning for isn't exactly materializing in the way you want. However, that feeling should quickly dissipate as you remember you're more than capable to make things happen. Call on your friends for back up.

      December 9 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

      It may be tough to fight the unsettling feeling you might get today at the realization that your world may not be as stable as you would like it to be. Though understand that this is not to freak you out, but to keep you from getting stuck and stagnant. Roll with the punches and keep moving. Instead of obsessing over something you can't control, it's time to focus on what you can control, which may include taking a new approach toward getting where you want to be. There's a whole big wide open path in front of you that can take you anywhere you want. Why look back?