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I paid her Well she told me that I would meet this man and he would be in radio and tv. Terry said that he would have a lot of money and this guy would change my life. She said it would seem like a fairytale and I would ask myself could this be true. She also told me this guy would treat me like a princess. Well guess what I have yet to meet this guy! I challnged what she said and she got snappy with me.

Per our last conversation I am supposed tomeet him this year. She said that he was high profile. Im still pay check to pay check! No man! She did say that I would attract a lot of high end men.

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I guess she was right on that part they were losers! Please keep your money!!! Nothing she said ever happened and when I asked her again about him having money she said i didnt say he would be super rich…lol…guess she was broading the pick of th litter. Oh the kicker was that me and this guy was supposed to be married was suppose to happen quick…I guess it was good to dream!

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Comment by single and I also have talked to Terry and find she has been right — it just has been about 2 years later from when she says. And sometimes you get in the way when someone tells you something. If she told you that you were going to meet him, maybe you thought he would just come to your door and you stopped doing what you would usually do. It always happens when you are not looking or expecting it. If you want to meet a high end man, go where they are.

Go to a gym, even. If you are looking at bars, you will probably not find one. So stop whining and do something with your life and it will happen naturally. Check back in another year or two and let us know if it happened. Dreams do come true. A lot of money in this economy — believe it or not — is not super rich. Maybe you guys will work together and make a lot of money. So stop looking at life as one track — verbatim. Just saying…. Comment by lisa — January 21, pm. Hi Lisa 2years have past and nothing. Now sweetie I wanted you to know that I do get out. Sorry to hurt your feelings.

You wrote as if you knew me and you have no clue.

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The time you wrote this I was in school and I go to the gym. I also lived in Atlanta and met a lot of wealthy men… Sweetie she told me that when I met him he would already be rich and very generous. I celebrate your joy with you… Take care and be blessed lady. Comment by Jessica — May 26, pm. Terry Nazon is very rude and self absorbed. She has been wrong about everyhing she has told me for the past 4 years.

Comment by kyra — September 8, pm Reply. Comment by Ken B — June 16, am Reply. Comment by astrostu — June 16, am Reply. Comment by Leon — June 16, pm Reply. Comment by Tom Callahan — June 16, pm Reply. I actually just returned tests to my students where the first short answer question asked why many consider astrology to be a pseudoscience. Comment by Stuart Robbins — June 16, pm Reply. Comment by Bill Stewart — June 17, pm Reply. As others have written, the difference between what this astrologer is saying about the positions of the planets, and where they actually are, may well be due to the precession of the equinoxes.

Nazon is probably using the tropical zodiac that pretends the sky looks like it did when astrology was first made up a couple of thousand years ago. Comment by Skeptico — June 16, pm Reply. I have not checked the ephemeris positions of these placements, but some or all may be accounted for by the differences in the tropical and sidereal horoscopes.

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So for this whole theory to be accurate, we need to check against a tropical ephemeris, which is easy to find free online. The ephemeris equations come from the US Navy, or from Astrodienst, which garner the same results when you crunch the numbers. And we almost all use computers to calculate.

There is a movement afoot since the late s for astrology to become versed in the new discoveries — this starts with Chiron. I can count at least five astrologers I know personally who can run off the sequence of discoveries; who know what a semimajor axis is; who can calculate the positions; who know that QB1 was the the KBO that verified the existence of the Kuiper Belt. Astrologers were informally involved in the naming of Centaurs Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus and Chariklo, through the correspondence with the MPC and their in-depth knowledge of the myths involved.

Those myths were translated out of ancient Greek by one of the astrologers — Dieter Koch. It was like the twilight zone. Comment by Eric Francis — June 20, pm Reply. Astrologers generally use the tropical zodiac. And like my friend who worked on the Huygens Probe, you seem to not be aware of that. Consider yourself informed. Astronomy: What Coordinate System to Use? Many astronomers are not aware of several current events in their very broad field — so?

I would challenge you to, for example, go up to a biologist who studies mitochondrial DNA and ask them about the latest species of frog discovered in the Amazon. As for whether all astronomers know about the tropical vs. Its only use — as far as I can tell — is by astrologers who have not taken into account precession. But I talk more about that in the post I wrote and linked to above.

Comment by Stuart Robbins — June 20, pm Reply.

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Comment by Eric Francis — June 21, am Reply. Your role here is to say, Oops I was wrong. However, you are missing some studies from your discussion.

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  • This is a cheap shot. That whole paragraph is actually about astrologers riding on the coattails of professional astronomers who do the hard work that went into those discoveries. And yet you try to turn that around and make astrologers look impressive. This is rather sleazy. Do you actually do Astronomical research? Can you clarify but what makes you a pioneer in the field of new planet discoveries?

    I find the wording there weaselly. Regardless of any discussion on astrology, the onus is always on the astrologers to show hard evidence that astrology based on a real phenomenon. Comment by ND — June 21, pm Reply. Comment by carol — January 11, am Reply. Finally, one who shares similar observations of this woman. Comment by andie — January 17, am Reply. Comment by gerry — March 9, pm Reply. I hope the advertisers have caught on and dropped her site from their web buys. Comment by Gerry — June 6, pm Reply. I see that your readers are fed up with you not updating the monthly and weekly horoscopes.

    Cant you see that once you get used to an astrologer and associate with their readings, it is most annoying when the following week there is no update. Comment by Tansel Mustafa — October 7, am Reply. She obviously has bigger fish to fry than to maintain her site — I hope all of her advertisers are on to her tricks by now. Comment by Gerry — November 2, am Reply.

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    • Long story short…. My need is to keep it simple, brief, and concentrated on 1 at the most 2 focal points per daily journal entries so I can later make sense of it. I can remember a handful of times when i was overwhelmed with excitement, anticipating something big, or my mind had become so consumed with a thought or idea that I had targeted in and zeroed in on causing what seemed to a major malfunction if anything was or became expected of me. I got ready to try out my idea when I realized the paper had already been trashed and taken out. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius is friendly and outgoing with Jupiter's influence.

      The Moon in Aquarius favors Aquarius to stand out and receive an opportunity, Pisces something hopeful happens with your job or career, Aries allow your enthusiasm to guide you not others, Taurus not everyone agrees with you but that's OK and it's a healthy challenge, Gemini save some money Cancer stand your ground with people Leo no worries you can make new Need More? Go to www. Terry knows! Virgo likes everyone including their pets and kids to be well mannered, on their best behavior and to stand out in some way. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and brings unusual or sudden changes.

      The Moon in Aquarius favors Aquarius to get their way and their mojo back, Pisces should not take advantage of their good fortunes but be grateful, Aries consider a roommate or a move! Taurus get used to people coming and going in your life, Gemini don't get distracted, get things done! Cancer don't be used or taken advantage of Leo sometimes people don't agree with you Pre-Order your Horoscope Guide! Some will rise to the top others Fall from grace! The Year Ahead guides also includes monthly Horoscopes. Available at www. Aries loves a good hearty fast meal that uppity restaurant where Aries has to eat with grace and mind their manners only when Aries is in the mood.

      Who are you? Life's Purpose? IwantYourLove says Scorpio but I just might punish you in the meantime! The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, which influences the mood or ambiance of the day! The Sun is in Libra which seeks status, balance and getting along with others. There's a contrast between what is beautiful and what is not. The Moon in Capricorn, favors Capricorn to get their way, but even Capricorn is held to task, Aquarius be patient things change tomorrow, Pisces avoid spending on things you shouldn't be spending on, Aries a fall from gr Taurus be frugal even with another's money, Gemini you want to stand out but Saturn is standing in your way and you just might look cocky!

      Cancer it seems sometimes that all your hard work goes underappreciated and people just want more and more and more, Leo stop! Avoid conflicts and arguments, Virgo avoid a hot romance unless you're just looking for a hot romance, Libra what were you thinking? You may have to live with a decision now, Scorpio stay grounded as you think about a move, Sagittarius past mistakes can haunt you, so fix them! It's int'l Observe the Moon Night! The best Sunsign to have Dinner with A.

      Cancer traditional fare B. Leo Buffet style C. Sagittarius nontraditional foodie D.


      Scorpio rich and luxurious meals It's the 2nd Quarter Moon in Moon in Capricorn a serious day when something comes to end perhaps, and can disappoint. Facing facts is what we do when the Moon's in Capricorn. The 2nd Quarter Moon in Moon in Capricorn favors Capricorn to understand that some things are for the best, Aquarius can't always get their way, Pisces if you give someone an inch they'll take a mile, Aries to keep the peace do the right thing by others say Goodbye if you h Virgo has miscalculated something, Libra is at odds with a decision they've made and might be homesick, Scorpio show the receipts let everyone know upfront whatyou expect, Sagittarius did you forget to pay a bill?

      Mars enters Libra to test your relationships. How well can you get along with others? Let's see! Luck Alert! The Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius! You need a push, inspiration and a reason to muddle through! It's right here today.